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    We provide service for telephone, cable TV, Internet and long distance to customers in West Central Minnesota. Our goal is to provide the most advanced products and services to our customers, without being in the big cities, at the most cost competitive rates and provide customer service right in your neighborhood. Read More
  • Telephone Services

    Telephone Services

    We provide phone service in west-central Minnesota to the areas of Barrett, Cyrus, Donnelly, Elbow Lake, Hoffman, Kensington, Lowry, Norcross, Tintah and Wendell. Read More
  • Internet Services

    Internet Services

    High Speed Internet is available in the following locations: Barrett, Cyrus, Donnelly, Elbow Lake, Farwell, Hoffman, Kensington, Lowry, Nashua, Norcross, Tintah, and Wendell. Read More
  • Cable Services

    Cable Services

    Cable TV Service is available in the following towns:  Barrett  Elbow Lake Lowry Wendell Cyrus  Hoffman Norcross   Donnelly  Kensington Tintah   Service is not currently available outside of city limits in any of these areas unless customers have fiber optic cable to their homes. Read More
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Business Services

We know that your business phone system is a critical part of your company's success. To insure that you get the right phone system, we first meet with you and design a system that will meet your needs.
We handle the complete installation of your new system.

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  • Internet
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Call Forwarding

Allow incoming calls to your phone number to be forwarded to another number.


Annoyance Call Trace

Trace any unwelcome or threatening calls made to your number.


Do Not Telemarket

Allows you to intercept calls from telemarketers



Use our voice mail service without having to find a place for your answering machine.


Internet Line

Shares your main telephone line.
No need for a second line.


Connection Speeds

Choose the connection speed you need – from 2 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.


Internet Modem & Router

Rent a managed router from us.
We provide the modem at no charge.


Remote Assistance

Connected to the Internet and need remote assistance? We can help.


Broadcast Package

Includes 33 of the most popular channels.


Basic Package

Includes 61 channels...including Broadcast channels.


Choice Package

This service adds 34 TV channels and 30 music channels.


The Works Package

Includes all channels from Basic, Choice, and 14 Movie channels.

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