Save $3 Every Month

Sign up for eBill and AutoPay $3.00 Monthly

Go green and save! The monthly credit has been increased from $2.00 to $3.00 when you have Internet service, use our eBill only option, and sign up for AutoPay from your checking/savings account. To create an eBill account, go to

¨1) Create your login and password. (Please make a note of this information.)

¨2) You will need a copy of your bill.

¨3) Have your checking/savings account information available.

Our eBill system allows you to do all of these great options:

  • View your bill
    Choose to receive your bill by web, paper bill or both
  • Make a payment
    You can make a One-Time Payment with your credit/debit card.
    Or, make a Recurring Payment from your bank account or credit/debit card.
  • Print a bill
    Need a copy of your bill for your taxes?
  • Set up automatic payments
    No need to worry about forgetting a payment.
  • View past payments
    Look up previous payments for the past 12 months.
  • View monthly newsletter
    See what’s happening! Rate changes! New services!
    View directory listings
    Look up Runestone customer’s phone numbers.

     Use AutoPay to schedule your payments to automatically come out of your checking or savings account every month.

We also accept debit or credit card payments but these would not be eligible for the $3.00 monthly credit. We’d like to help make your life a little easier each month and hope you give these options a try. Should you need further assistance signing up or using eBill or AutoPay, contact our office at 320-986-2013.