Times change. Has your Internet speed?

We continue offering faster and faster service to keep up with the increasing image and sound rich world of Internet. Even a connection that was blazing fast 5-10 years ago may seem agonizingly slow today. If you are seeing this symbol when you are looking at the Internet or watching a movie on Netflix, your current Internet speed is not fast enough to play the incoming video/data without stopping.

Internet buffer symbol 2

You may increase your Internet speed which allows you to receive video/data faster and gives your computer more space to continually load without stopping. If you haven't upgraded the speed of your Internet service in several years, it is likely the Internet may need to be increased to eliminate the buffering. Every household is different so we offer different speeds to fit everyone's need. Contact our office and let us help you choose the correct speed needed for your Internet use. Speeds start at 5-7 Mbps up to 500-1000 Mbps. Don't wait! Call today!