Interested in becoming an RTA Director

Interested in being an RTA Director?

Elections will be held this year for a 5 year term of the Lowry exchange. If you are from that exchange and interested in running for Runestone's Board of Directors, submit a petition signed by 10 other members.The petition can be obtained at our office or click here.  Qualifications for being a director and definition of members are listed in the By-Laws found here. Directors are elected by voting ballots if there is a contested race, and the candidate will be elected at the company Annual Meeting. Completed petitions will be accepted from January 19th - March 20th.

Bundle and Save $$$$

Bundle Phone with Internet and Save $$$$

High speed Internet is even more affordable. We now offer 8 speeds up to 1000 Mbps allowing you to do more things using the Internet.
*  Watch your favorite movies or TV shows without stopping during the show.
*  Work or attend college from home!
*  Gaming can be faster.
*  Use Skype to talk to family and friends as if they were right there with you.
*  Searching for things becomes faster allowing you more time in your day.
Bundle your Internet service with phone service and save even more money. If you are not sure what speed you have, call our office and we can help you find the speed you need. The next faster speed may only be $3 or $5 more. Don't wait! Call us today!

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