Service Information

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Service Information

  • Information & Repair >

      Barrett, Hoffman & Kensington 986-2013
      Cyrus 795-2121
      Donnelly 246-3500
      Elbow Lake 685-5300
      Norcross, Tintah & Wendell 458-2500
      Farwell & Lowry 283-5101
      Herman 800-986-6602
  • Payments >

    Phone bills are mailed out around the 1st of each month. It covers local service charges for one month in advance and long distance charges for one month beginning the 25th of the past month. All accounts should be paid by the 20th of the month. Payment may be made by mail or in person at the following places:

      Barrett   Star Bank
      Cyrus   Hometown Community Bank
      Elbow Lake   Eagle Bank or Star Bank
      Herman   Kensington Bank
      Hoffman   Farmers State Bank or Runestone Office
      Kensington   Kensington Bank
      Lowry   Lowry State Bank
      Wendell   Eagle Bank
  • AutoPay >

    With AutoPay, your payments can be made for you automatically without writing a check. You continue to receive your monthly telephone, cable TV or internet bill on or before the 10th of each month. Your payment will automatically be deducted from your checking/savings account on the 20th of the month. If the 20th falls on a holiday or weekend, it would be deducted on the next business day. Your monthly bank statement will show you proof of your payment. 
    To sign up for AutoPay, fill out his form and return it along with a voided check. There is no charge to be on this plan. Sign up for eBill along with AutoPay and save $3.00 monthly when you have Internet with us.

    If you have any questions, please contact our office or email here
  • eBill >

    To pay your bill online, visit our website at     Take a few minutes to register the first time, and you will be on your way! You can make a one time payment or you can pay your bill automatically every month using your bank account, debit card or credit card. Receive a $3.00 monthly credit on your Internet service by using AutoPay through your checking or savings account, paperless billing and eBill Services. Monthly credit not available if using a debit card or credit card. Sign up here for AutoPay
    For more information call Pam at our office or email here
      Click here to log into eBill.

  • Time & Temperature >

    You may now dial a local number for the time and temperature. Temperature reading is taken from Hoffman.

      Barrett 528-6611
      Cyrus 795-6611
      Donnelly 246-6611
      Elbow Lake 685-6611
      Hoffman 986-6611
      Kensington 965-6611
      Lowry 283-6611
      Norcross 284-6611
      Tintah/Nashua 369-6611
      Wendell 458-6611
  • Underground Cable Location Service >

    Before performing ANY digging, please call Gopher State One Call to help avoid service outages for yourself and other customers. Gopher State One Call ......Dial: 811 or 1-800-252-1166. Note: You MUST contact Gopher State One Call 48 hours prior to digging.
    You can submit an E-ticket to Gopher State One Call.  Click Here This allows facility operators, excavators and homeowners a quick and easy way to submit tickets to Gopher State. 

  • Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) >

    nder Federal law, you have a right and Runestone Telecom Association (RTA) has a duty to protect the confidentiality of "Customer Proprietary Network Information". This notice is to advise you of these rights and obligations, and to request that you permit RTA to use your CPNI for the purposes described here.

    CPNI consists of the call, service and billing data regarding the telecommunications services you buy from RTA. RTA intends to use your CPNI information to identify and offer to you other RTA communications services that we think will be of interest to you. RTA DOES NOT sell or in any way provide this information to any other company, other than when required by law or at your written consent. RTA has the duty to protect the confidentiality of this information. And, regardless of whether you consent or not, your account will be treated confidentially.

    No action is necessary if you wish to permit RTA to use your CPNI in order to tell you about RTA services, new technologies, specials or possible savings to your account. You do have a right to disapprove RTA's use or your CPNI for the purposes described in this notice, or to withdraw your consent at any time. In order to notify RTA that you do not consent to its use of your CPNI as described in this notice, you must contact us at 986-2013, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your disapproval for the use of your CPNI will not affect RTA's provision of the services you now purchase from RTA. You have the right at any time to withdraw your approval or to give your approval in you previously denied approval. Until you notify RTA of your change, your permission or denial of permission remains valid.
  • Landline vs. Cellular >

    Cell phones are used by people of all ages as their connection to who they call. In most scenarios, that may be all you need. But the question we have for our customer is this, if you needed to call 911 in an emergency situation, how reliable is a cell phone? By calling 911 on a cell phone, you have to tell the 911 dispatcher who you are, where you are at and what the situation is. If the person calling is a young child or someone who needs help and not able to ask for the help, will the emergency people get the correct location of where the caller is at? In tests, cellular phones have identified the location to be blocks away from the true emergency location. In the situation of life or death, a few blocks away could be the difference. When calling 911 on your landline phone, the sheriff’s office has the name and location of the call even if the person is not able to say anything. A child could call if their siblings, parents or another adult needs help. And, the cost of having that landline phone, along with our internet service, comes out to 35 cents per day. Is saving 35 cents a day really worth risking your family’s life in an emergency situation?
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