Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

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Board of Directors


Back row from left to right:

Tory Belgum, Vice President
epresenting the Lowry exchange
     Home phone: 320-283-5895

Jolene Vipond, Director

Representing the Donnelly, Norcross, Tintah & Wendell exchanges
     Home phone: 320-284-2490

Dick Staples
, Director
Representing the Cyrus & Kensington exchanges
     Home phone: 320-965-2345

Front row from left to right:

John Kapphahn, Secretary/Treasurer
Representing the Elbow Lake exchange
     Home phone: 218-685-4604

Bob Leegaard, President

Representing the Barrett & Hoffman exchanges
     Home phone: 320-528-2480

Kent Hedstrom, Manager (not pictured)
Work phone:  320-986-2013
     Home phone: 218-685-4999
      Click here to e-mail Kent directly